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Bulk Service Introduced

After consulting owners on the introduction of a new, comprehensive bulk uplift service, this has been introduced across our stock with the exception of the houses in our Edzell development, and 18 Hyndland Road.  There was overwhelming support for the service which is already making a difference to the environment in our community.

If owners wish their bulk uplifted, they should leave it in the back court where it will be uplifted within 7 days.  Please note any waste generated by contractors doing work on your home is not covered under the bulk contract and must be removed by your contractors and disposed of at their cost.

Owners out-with the service will have to use the Council’s 28-day uplift.

The charge for this service will be effective from April 2021, and therefore first billed on or about 10th August.  A complete breakdown of service charges for 2021-2022 was sent with our May billing and is shown on our website.