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What do we do as Factor?

WS Property Management, in partnership with its parent company Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association Ltd., carries out a range of duties as Factor.

  • we take appropriate action to deal with any reported repairs affecting common or shared areas.
  • we instruct firms which, from their experience, we believe to be reliable and capable of completing the repairs and other work satisfactorily and at a reasonable cost.  In this way we maintain, repair, decorate, clean, renew, reinstate and rebuild the common parts of the block irrespective of the cause.  We also do the same for any equipment in the building such as lighting.
  • when instructing repairs and when appropriate, we consult with the contractors as to the type of repair and the materials to be used.
  • we arrange (where a repair requires the services of more than one trade) for the several firms of tradesmen to co-ordinate their work.
  • we obtain estimates from several tradesmen for the same job where we consider it to be in the interests of the owners.  We then let the owners know what the estimates show and Glendore Streetobtain their instructions before proceeding.
  • we provide such security equipment and apparatus for the property as we think fit and proper to employ and/or use and in the provision, maintenance, replacement and renewal of such security equipment from time to time
  • we investigate any complaints of unsatisfactory work and where considered necessary by us, and if so instructed by a majority of the owners, arrange for a professional report on the completed repair subject to any fees for this work being chargeable to the owners.
  • we check tradesmen’s accounts when received, including any charge of VAT.  
  • we arrange to have repairs invoices available for inspection by owners for a period of 2 weeks following invoicing.
  • we arrange insurance for the block including against loss by fire and other risks normally insured against under a common comprehensive insurance Policy (which policy is to cover all the flats within the block and the block common parts).  We do this with an established insurance company for the full replacement value which insurance shall be in the name of Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association Ltd and taken out and held on behalf of all the owners.